About the Author


I’m an ordinary woman who wants to make an extraordinary difference in young children’s lives. My passion is making sure young minds are developed on a solid foundation of knowledge.

LaSaundra First Readers are simple short stories that builds young learners confidence through repetition of sight words and high frequency words.  Each short story will come with flash cards, worksheets, bingo cards and word searches to help young learners to become more comfortable with the words from that story.

My short stories do not take the place of teaching phonemic awareness, phonics or comprehension.  Please make sure you incorporate those strategies, as they are fundamental to learning how to read.

You can purchase short stories at: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Lasaundras-First-Readers-Short-Stories


Adriana is a nine year old 4th grader who is passionate about art, especially drawing.  She has a very imaginative mind that shows through in her drawings.

Adriana is already getting request for her drawings and I am very fortunate that she agreed to help me with my project.  Adriana is very talented and I can not wait to see what God has planned for her future.

If you would like to see more of Adriana’s art work you can go to YouTube Channel (Cool Art Studio) or email her at Coolartstudio212@gmail.com to request her to do some work for you.